Online Dating Innovators: Bob Murray
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Actually dreamt of becoming a romcom star-like Meg Ryan, Kate Hudson, and Matthew McConaughey?

Bob Murray – a 34 year old industrial property trader from Milwaukee – failed to attempt to be a prominent guy on silver screen, but their search for the only might create him a film celebrity in any event. After three long-lasting interactions that spanned 12 decades, and a-year of singlehood, Murray made a decision to begin an adventure which he expectations will result in long lasting really love and a motion picture bargain. Finally month, the guy started a 17-day road trip that will just take him through 8 metropolises – St. Louis, Kansas City, Dallas, Santa Fe, Phoenix, vegas, Los Angeles, and a TBD city in Oklahoma – during which he’ll embark on prearranged times with ladies he met on the web, whilst documenting his every action by using limited movie crew.

And did I point out he will end up being touring by taxi?

In addition to a generation associate, noise expert, and camera providers, Murray can be joined on his journey by Paula Heus, a cabdriver that will additionally dish out enchanting information as an unofficial life mentor. “She’s a real firecracker rather than scared to convey her opinion about circumstances,” Murray told the Bellingham Herald. Whenever his quest has ended, Murray hopes to tour the film event circuit with a documentary about his uncommon research really love.

Heus’ cab provides rarely left the garage, but already Murray’s project has hit certain roadblocks. A planned stay in Amarillo, TX needed to be discontinued after Murray ended up being not able to get an answer to his find a date inside the city, and a guideline that times could simply be organized fourteen days ahead of time was developed when arranged meetups with two ladies dropped through when they discovered men before Murray found its way to their particular towns.

Murray has also been able to raise below $5,000 in the $20,000 he hoped to earn to fund the journey, so he was forced to foot the majority of the bill himself and exchange money for the film for further contributions from his largest investors. Despite these setbacks, however, Murray might on 1st big date in Milwaukee, with an actress called Cynthia Kmak, and has now strategies for activities along the lines of climbing and skydiving various other cities.

You’ll follow their development on Twitter, at www.twitter.com/percent40dateamerica, and Twitter, at www.facebook.com/dateamerica.




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